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The First Visit: Aged 7

SEDO (the Spanish Orthodontics Society, , AESOR (the Spanish Association of Orthodontic Specialists, and, of course, Novasmile’s doctors recommend that all children should be seen by an orthodontist for the first time when they are 7.

Permanent teeth have appeared by the time children are seven and the fact that kids are still growing enables the orthodontist to detect any dental anomalies or growth alterations early on. These anomalies can include:

  • A narrow palate with a crossbite or overbite
  • Disproportionate bone growth: large jaw in relation to face
  • Problem with the formation of permanent teeth or early loss of milk teeth
  • Buck teeth
  • Bad habits like thumb-sucking and breathing through the mouth

Our specialists can detect any major anomalies in your child’s development even at this early age. Early detection prevents bigger problems down the line and makes them easier and cheaper to treat.

Children who do not require treatment at this age will have regularly check-ups with our orthodontists to ensure good mouth development. In these free check-ups, the specialists will let you know whether your child requires treatment and when is the right time to start.

The First Visit: Aged 7

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